Our helpful staff provides support for students from the initiation of their application process through their graduation. Students invariably express great appreciation for the staff support they receive.

  • Patrick Hesselmann, CCH

    Co-Chair Board of Directors; Technology Assistant

    Patrick Hesselmann spent a successful career as a manufacturing engineer in the computer and avionics industries in Phoenix, Arizona, where, apart from working with the development and implementation of electronics assembly processes, he became best known for helping people work together. During the last fifteen years of his career, he studied homeopathy as an avocation, focusing on Hahnemann’s Organon, developing a good feel for its depth, wisdom and importance in the understanding and practice of homeopathy. Patrick is Co-chair of the AMCH board as well as being heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the technology for the online classes. He teaches Homeopathic Philosophy and History of Homeopathy for AMCH. He remains a passionate advocate for homeopathy although he no longer practices.
  • Sue Roe PhD

    Faculty Member; Academic Affairs Consultant

    Dr. Roe was the managing partner of Performance Dimensions Consulting, LLC for over 15 years focusing on individual and work performance, management systems and competencies, strategic initiatives, workforce development, research, assessment, evaluation and training/instructional design and development. Currently, she is the Dean of Academic Affairs for the Chamberlain College of Nursing. Dr. Roe has a doctorate in public administration with an emphasis in administration and policy. She has additional graduate work in educational administration and instructional development and has a Masters and Bachelors degree in Nursing. With a background in senior administration, management, teaching, training, instructional system design, research and development, Dr. Roe possesses a diverse and wide range of experiences and expertise. Dr. Roe has conducted and/or facilitated well over 500 workshops, seminars, courses, and keynote presentations nationally, regionally, and locally on various topics including peak performance, strategic positioning and mapping, management, leadership, organizational systems, communication, health education and wellness, performance based and mastery learning, assessment, policy, adult education, and professionalism. She is currently involved in several projects that focus on assessment, outcomes evaluation, performance-based learning, teacher preparation, simulation and organizational/system transformation and re-design.
  • Suzan Olson


    Suzan Olson is the bookkeeper for AMCH. She coordinates the financial tasks and reporting for the college and assists students with their tuition financing needs. She has done bookkeeping for the last fifteen years after careers in both banking and real estate. She is a very rarely found Arizona native, who is married to another native Arizonan and has two grown sons. Suzan just started her education in Homeopathy and can highly recommends the Homeopathic Acute Care course for those interested in a basic understanding of this fascinating approach to healing.
  • Thelma Rowe PsyD

    Psychologist; EMDR Therapist

    Thelma Rowe, PsyD, received a Masters in Psychology from Saint Michael’s College in Winooski, Vermont, and a Doctorate in Psychology from Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene, New Hampshire. I am a licensed Psychologist in Arizona and have been in private practice since 1993. I love helping people develop a sense of freedom and understanding about their lives, enabling them to live life more fully and unrestricted. My specialties include EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and general adult psychotherapy for a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationships, and self-growth. I have found EMDR to be a very effective therapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and related disorders.
  • Dr. Todd Rowe

    Todd Rowe, MD, MD(H), DHt, CCH


    Dr. Todd Rowe is the president and a founder of the American Medical College of Homeopathy. He is a licensed homeopathic physician who has been practicing homeopathy for more than 20 years and has a part time practice in classical homeopathy. He is certified by the American Board of Homeotherapeutics and the Council for Homeopathic Certification. He has been a doctor of medicine since 1984 and a graduate of Rush Medical School, Chicago, Illinois. He completed his psychiatric residency at the University of Vermont in 1988 and achieved Board Certification in Psychiatry in 1992. He completed his homeopathic training at the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in Albany, CA. Dr. Rowe teaches extensively. He is the president of the American Medical College of Homeopathy. He supervises homeopathic students and trains medical students and residents in classical homeopathy. He has published several distance learning courses designed to help prepare physicians for first aid and acute prescribing, as well as preparing for homeopathic licensing exams. He has written several books on homeopathic education, including Homeopathic Methodology, The Homeopathic Journey and Choosing a Career in Homeopathic Medicine. Dr. Rowe is the director of the Society for the Establishment of Research in Classical Homeopathy. He has conducted numerous provings, mostly focusing on local flora and fauna. He has recently published a book called Desert Medicine: A Homeopathic Exploration.