2014 Arab Health Congress in Dubai

At the 2014 Arab Health Congress in Dubai homeopathic physicians from round the world meet to discuss ways that homeopathy can reduce the burden of disease and lower the costs of healthcare.

The Arab Health Congress in Dubai is one of the world's largest medical events,  this year there were around 85,000 doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care providers from 153 different countries who attended.  Numerous award winning health care experts led discussions on cutting edge research, new technologies and best practices

The Congress focused on ways homeopaths can improve relations with medical doctors and other healthcare professionals and how the rights of patients wishing to use homeopathy can best be preserved.

Lauri Grossman DC, CCH, Director of international Affairs at the American Medical College of Homeopathy presented a case of burns to the face treated with an integrative approach including homeopathic medicines.  She also moderated a session on allergies and upper respiratory tract infections. At the close of the conference, Lauri Grossman was on the panel that discussed the direction of homeopathy worldwide and challenges before the profession.

Dr Sassan Behjat, American Medical College of Homeopathy Board Member organized the Complimentary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine Conference for the second day of the Congress .  

Additional speakers included Dr Peter Fisher, Clinical Director of Research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine in London and Dr Kulwat Singh, Dean of Homeopathic Faculty at Vinoba Bhave University and Professor of Surgery at S H Medical College in Jamshedpur, India.

-Mario Fontes LAC, CCH