AMCH promotes Homeopathy in Afghanistan

American Medical College of Homeopathy promotes Homeopathy in Afghanistan.

Lauri Grossman DC, CCH leader and advocate for humanizing medicine in global healthcare has been working with a team of Afghani physicians to promote homeopathy in Afghanistan.  The Afghani physicians desperately want to see homeopathy become part of the medical services offered in their country. Lauri Grossmann has been working to negotiate a training program for the Afghani physicians. More recently though, the Afghani ministry of health has signed a declaration approving of the use of homeopathy for use in free clinics on World Diabetes Day. Unfortunately, Afghani  physicians did not receive adequate funds for medical supplies. Hahnemann Labs of California donated the much needed homeopathic medicines for the physicians and Lauri Grossmann was able to get them to Afghanistan in time for this special day. In Afghanistan a small elite group of physicians have the knowledge to use homeopathic medicine for very specific complaints. This is a wonderful beginning for the American Medical College of Homeopathy in promoting Homeopathy in Afghanistan and around the world. –Mario Fontes LAc CCH