Homeopathy in France is in Danger


Homeopathy In France is in Danger.

Homeopathic doctors alert you on the  programmed disappearance of your homeopathic remedies.

Following the application of a European directive on traceability that leads to asking a lot of money for the registration of each strain within a few months,

75% of the homeopathic remedies become unavailable on the French territory.

However, they are required to treat many patients.

This compromises the health of our fellow citizens.

The disappearance of 75% of the homeopathic remedies affect the health of our fellow citizens.

We ask you to declare emergency authorization for any preparatory homeopathic authorized the French territory, issue free of charge,

the authorization of placing on the market of the globally recognized from the twelfth dilution homeopathic strains full centesimal Hahnemannian,

including ancient strains, as well as the possibility of preparations isopathic from biological samples.

The security of these dilutions is without possible dispute (principle related to Avogadro's number).

This application fully meets the principles of biomedical ethics which are taught in our universities.

Please read and sign this petition in favor of Homeopathy in France:



Mario Fontes L.Ac. CCH