Homeopathic Treatment for HIV/AIDS

AMCH Partnership with Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS

AMCH has formed a partnership with the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS to provide clinical care for patients with HIV/AIDS.  This free clinic is currently open on Mondays and Wednesdays and is both a teaching and research clinic.  The clinic director is Dr. Maryann Ivons.  

Clinical faculty include: 

Homeoapthic medicine for this free clinic have been made available from a generous donation from Hahnemann Laboratories.  

About Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS

Please see their website and www.swhiv.org for further details. The Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS is the largest agency in the Southwest to provide the combined services of clinical trials, prevention, education, outreach and research through community alliances.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the Center reaches out to more than 25,000 men, women and youth annually and directly serves more than 1200 clients impacted by HIV/AIDS.

The Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS is dedicated to providing the following services in a a supportive environment:

  • Peer-based prevention, education and outreach programs reaching out to men, women, youth, and transgender populations.  The agency conducts prevention, education and HIV testing and counseling services in primarily Maricopa County, as well as select services and programs in Northern, Southern and Eastern Arizona.
  • Clinical trials that enable clients who are referred by their primary care physicians to participate in promising therapies in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.  The Center’s history of partnership with pharmaceutical companies for HIV/AIDS clinical trails research has resulted in more than two-dozen antiretroviral drugs earning Federal Drug Administration approval.
  • Wellness and life management services, including nutritional consultants, naturopathic medicine and an on-site vitamin and herb shop. 
  • Emotional support for HIV-positive individuals friends, and families through support, respite and childcare.

Clients who are served by the Kirk D. Baxter Wellness Center experience a dramatic increase in their quality of life.  The Center is staffed with licensed behavioral health counselors who provide emotional support through a variety of programs including individual sessions and support groups; registered dieticians who provide nutrition and dietary advice; and naturopathic physicians providing acupuncture, vitamin and nutrient therapy.  

Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) treatment are highly valued in addressing common side effects of long term drug therapy such as chronic diarrhea, neuropathy and sinusitis.  In consultation with primary physicians, clients may learn from naturopathic doctors and receive supportive acupuncture from licensed acupuncture technicians. The following services help those impacted and adhere to their prescribe medication. 

  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • CAM Consultations
  • Acupuncture
  • CAM Workshops
  • Pilot Massage Program
  • Adherence Counseling