What is a Preceptorship?

Preceptorships are experiences where students from other disciplines or medical schools come to visit us and learn about homeopathic medicine. These can be of varied length and intensity.   AMCH offers a variety of Preceptorship Programs for diverse student populations.

Goals of Preceptorships

  • Develop an understanding of the basic principles of homeopathic medicine.
  • Grow an awareness of the scope and practice of homeopathic medicine.
  • Form a basic understanding of the concepts and practice of integrative medicine.  

AMCH Preceptorship I Program

The AMCH Preceptorship I Program is a one to four week long preceptorship experience for medical students who have no prior knowledge of Homeopathic Medicine. This can be targeted either as a psychiatric rotation or a general medical rotation. 

AMCH Preceptorship II Program

The AMCH Preceptorship II Program is a variable length clinical experience for naturopathic students who wish to expand their clinical skills in Homeopathic Medicine. 

AMCH Preceptorship III Program

The AMCH Preceptorship III Program is a variable length clinical experience for medical students who are participating in a clerkship rotation through the Gladys Taylor McGarey Foundation.

AMCH Preceptorship IV Program

AMCH has partnered with The Graduate Institute to create both one week and two week preceptorships. Applicants should have completed the homeopathic introductory course at TGI prior to applying.

AMCH Preceptorship V Program

AMCH has partnered with the University of Phoenix and Arizona State University to create 16 hour elective rotations for Family Nurse Practitioner and Doctor of Nursing students in the study of homeopathic medicine (syllabus).  

Pharmacy Assistant Precptorship

AMCH has partnered with Bryman and Anthem Colleges to offer elective rotations for Pharmacy Assistants in the AMCH Medicinary.  This preceptorship spans 210 hours.  

Contact Us 

For more information contact AMCH Preceptorship Program, 1951 W. Camelback, Suite 300, Phoenix, Arizona 85015; 602-347-7950;


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