Quercus rubra Proving


Quercus rubra

This Homeopathic Proving Trial monograph is available from Melanie Grimes. 

·      The American oaks are much larger and more Stage 10 than the British one that is in the mat med.

·      That quercus is known also for mystical affinity and is the core of druid beliefs.

·      This proving showed a remedy that would be good for a community minded person, someone who works with others, like a social worker and is able to carry many people on their shoulders. Like a teacher in the inner city, or a doctor in a free clinic. 

·      Very confident. 

·      Also there was a strong visual sense, seeing images instead of words. Ideas forming as a scene in the brain. Might be useful for artists as well.

·      Lots of gas and flatulence. 

·      Red oak is used in furniture, floors, very utilitarian. There is a book called THE GIVING TREE that someone mentioned. It gives its all for people. We use its acorns for food, wood for homes. The white oak is even more royal. More like the platina of oaks, i think.  White oak is also water proof and used to age whisky. The red is like the little brother, used for everything and less expensive than white. If people can't afford white oak flooring, they buy red. 

·      These plants can sustain up to 300 organism, fungus, bugs, when other trees can only sustain 5 without dying.