Clinical Trials

Clinical Research 

The AMCH Department of Research promotes and helps to conducts clinical research demonstrating the efficacy and power of homeopathic medicine. To date, most  homeopathic research has been focused on comparing homeopathic treatment to conventional treatment in a variety of conditions. Nearly three hundred studies have been conducted, studying a variety of conditions, with positive results for homeopathy demonstrated in about 85% of the studies. Several metanalysis studies of this research have been done demonstrating that the probability that the success of homeopathy is due to placebo alone is less than 1/50,000 (Lancet 1994).

Fibromyalgia Study 

The AMCH Department of Research participated in a study investigating the efficacy of homeopathic treatment in fibromyalgia. This was conducted through the University of Arizona and was funded by a NIH grant. Journal articles generated from the study.